We optimise transactions for you and your customers

Process payments
in real-time

Your customers will make fast and easy payments for goods anytime, anyplace.


We help you provide prompt invoices. You can receive payment more quickly and improve cash flow. You will also track payments due more effectively and manage your finances more efficiently.

Multiple payment

Your customers will have various options to choose from when making payments.

Instant confirmation
and settlement

Customers want to make payments and leave immediately. You'll enjoy instant notification channels that will make you instantly confirm payments so that you won't delay them.

Branch Setup

Set up branches for your various business outlets in a single dashboard and give your staff control over payments and inventory. 
Also, track and reconcile payments across all branches wherever and whenever.

Low rates

You'll enjoy the best rates and realise more profit with any of our payment options—virtual accounts, e-wallet, or payment links.

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